Monday, 19 March 2012

Pin your colours to the

Weekly listening for my stats fans,


01. Cloud Nothings – 66
02. Turbowolf – 45
03. The New Pornographers – 43
04. Danny Brown - 38
05. Run DMT - 33             
06. The Men – 26
07. Hear Hums – 23
08. Errors – 20
09. Annapurna Illusion – 16
10.  Pop. 1280 – 15

1 – I finally got this album after seeing it in these charts so much over the last month. It’s really great.  Love the way the songs build and layer up rhythm and melody adding twists over really short times, sounds really fun to play, his vocals are ridiculously harsh but controlled and I like a lot of the lyrics.  Very good well done.

2 – What I just wrote for Cloud Nothings holds true for Turbowolf too, but it‘s a different kind of rock musics.

3 – Been playing Twin Cinema a lot after Andrzej reminded me of them in that thread I did t’other day. I had indeed forgotten just how great it is.

4 – One of the albums that would have been in my top 50 of 20-11 had I heard it in time.  The production is brilliant, and his character is so well defined, slightly out-of step with anything else I have heard (which isn’t that much tbh, but I get the sense that his self-deprecation is pretty uncommon)

5 – Pretty much addicted to DMT, it’s official.  361 plays this year.

6 – I’m really not sure how much I am enjoying Open Your Heart.  It’s nowhere near as exciting as Leave Home and the songs all seem a bit simpler. I liked the unpredictability of Leave Home, and the distortion, it made it all a lot more dangerous. 

7 – Drone, tribal beats, heady temperatures.

8 – Getting into this now.

9 – Been spending a lot of time at the top of Everest with Max.

10 – Gnarly & ghastly.


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