Sunday, 4 March 2012 one to post in this thread is a rotten egg!!!

This week's weekly listening - pretty much your favourite thing that I do.  I don't know what that says about me or you but I like it a lot all the same.

01. Perfume Genius - 77
02. Run DMT - 42
03. fauxmusica - 34
04. Honeycomb Bones - 30
05. Sacred Star - 23
06. Mogwai - 20
08. School of Seven Bells - 18
09. Cold Cave - 17
10. Fulang Chang & I - 16

1 – New album is utterly beautiful. Trying to define it into further words would be like pinning a butterfly to a cork board.

3 – Final album from 'Yorba Zergot''s Fauxmusica guise, before moving on to a a project with the Peach Tree called Sacred Star. Witch House as it was always meant to be – challenging, cryptic, subversive, uncompromising, unlistenable.

4 – New self-released ep from these upcoming garage rockers. More streamlined and cleaner than their last one, but still hairy and full-speed.

5 – see 3, but double its potency for the two-headed beast it is.

8 – Really not as good as Sean's review had me believe, which is a shame because I was with him all the way on his Blondes one. It's just too insubstantial. Indie disco shoegaze that's flighty and weightless instead of involving and ethereal.

10 – First new material in years from these guys who I played a lot in the early days of doing NFR. They've been working with One Unique Signal's Byron to get a sound similarly Telescopic to theirs, which is a very good thing.

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