Tuesday, 24 January 2012

DOWNLOAD: The Ash Eaters - The Cruel Side EP

Umesh Amtey's latest Ash Eaters release- The Cruel Side EP - is a pair of older tracks shown the light of day.  In being pretty trebly due to the more basic production it's less dark, claustrophobic and heavy than previous releases, but then it predates them. What really makes anything Amtey touches stand out is the shifting polyrhythmic guitar layering and the way parts just keep on sliding and crashing into each other, cycling over riffs, incrementally building up the density of the pieces before unloading another couple of passages of that reframe everythign prior.  These two tracks are just as good in that respect even if they're lacking in the thick brooding atmospheres that ooze out of his Brown Jenkins albums.  If you actually love the hot feeling of rawness burning into your ears you'll love this, and if you have a passing interest in the places black metal and doom can be taken then you'll, again, love this.




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