Wednesday, 7 October 2009

PREVIEW: Plurals @ the Fairtrade Gallery

We found this gig through the music of Ecka Liena, whose Orb Night track is a shimmering, twinkling, glittering 20 minute trip out to the stars and back. The work of one Daniel W J Mackenzie - who also plays in Plurals, hence the preview - pools the immersive atmospheres and haunting tranquility of artists like Stars of The Lid, Tim Hecker and adds a little edge of disturbing cosmic horror in a similar vein to Ben Frost. Beautifully awesome. You can download the full album from his Myspace page for free, so we hope he's not going to mind our gushing over this track and give it to you here.

Download: Orb Night

Dan and a friend came up to NFR on Thursday and handed us another beautiful Ecka Liena album (Drones Between Homes) and a Dead Pilot Records sampler CD tied up with string. Every track on the Dead Pilot CD is worth your time and it covers a range of rugged terrain between ambient, eerie atmos and out to hardcore and deep double bass drum violence. Quite a trip.

So this gig looks pretty ace. Weirding Vessel we know and love (and there's a download at the bottom here for you) but the othes are all new to us and we like the style. Anything with Drone and Experimental in the tagline is alright with us.


Ecka Liena -
Winter In Montreal -
Plurals -
Weirding Vessel - Live at the Westhill Hall earlier this year for you!
Dead Pilot Records - Myspace

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  1. hey guys, thanks for the kind words regarding the compilation. that was the first release on dead pilot, i'm surprised and pleased to see that it is still working it's way out into the masses! if you would like to grab a few more releases (including a new ekca liena album) just give me a shout!