Wednesday, 7 October 2009

EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD!: Brown Jenkins - Death Obsession preview tracks

Umesh Amtey has given us two brand new preview tracks to help spread the cosmic heaviness of his final Brown Jenkins album Death Obsession, due for release on 17th November on Moribund Records.

As a development from last year's Angel Eyes and other previous BJ material, these new tracks feature an element of light and space that was never present before. That's not to say they aren't murky, bleak and harrowing - which they are, as is almost Umesh's trademark sound - being in part, an enormous cosmic horror soundtrack to Lovecraft's whole back catalogue - but the treble-curtain shimmer of lead guitars over the bassier riffs is almost elegant, each cycle building in density until visibility is reduced to nothing and the darkness swallows up the foregound ready to repeat the cycle once more. It's fast too - the gaps opening up in the nimble beats add an illusiory feel of a more graceful momentum; Together they give it a less sludgy feel but it still stomps and shudders like the most monumental leviathan, but that's the dichotomy that make Brown Jenkins special. The shifts in pace, tone and shade of these tracks continue the unique work of this arresting artist. If ever there was a record to signal the death of the first decade of the new millenium, then it will be this.

Here you go:


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