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NFR Setlist – 1st October 2009

Hey hey NFRlings. A little later than planned but here now for you, my setlist of what I played at October's Not For Resale night at the Penthouse.

Without further ado, Fokka Wolfe's feelgood hits of October >>>

Night Plane - Night_Plane
The Horrors – Who Can Say
HEALTH – Die Slow
Pearl Harbour – Sunburn
Bosco Delrey – Space Junky
Bear In Heaven – Wholehearted Mess
Bosco Delrey – Round n Round (feat. 77Klash)
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Bournemouth
Rick Ross – Rick Ross
Baltimore Club Music - McNuggets Remix
DJ Punisher – Smells Like Teen Spirit (Punish Bmore Mash)
Billy Idol x Chris Isaac – Dj schmolli - Wicked Wedding (Riot Bmore fix2)
Gucci Mane ft Da Yo Boyz – Im Da Shit Bmore Version
Girl Talk – Hands in the Air
Major Lazer – Call Mi (Dave Kelley's Hold The Line Remix feat. Baby Cham)
Fever Ray – If I Had A Heart (Fuck Buttons Mix)
The Drums – Let's Go Surfing
Jeffrey Lewis – Roll Bus Roll
Fucked Up – Epiphany (No Age Remix)
Behold! the Monolith – Guardians of the Abyss / Primal Extenuation / Rise of the Brohemoth


Meatbreak's tracks:

Plankton Wat – Our Solar Beings - Last Days Of Clouded Darkness - Mountian Voyage (Our Solar Beings, Digitalis)
Solo dude Dewey Mahood plays epic multi segmented drone, jungle-folk, tribal trance trip mixed through heavy analogy delay. Also plays in Jackie-O Motherfucker, and Eternal Tapestry. Here we go.

Eternal Tapestry – Cathedral Of Radiance (The Invisible Landscape, Not Not Fun)
12 minute cosmic wah fuzzed rush of improve astral séance. Getting a bit vibey about now.

Lotus Plaza – What Grows? (The Floodlight Collective, Kranky)
It’s old for us – out at the start of the year – but it’s still ebbing away and growing in stature in the back of our minds all the time.

Worriedaboutsatan – All Things But You Are Silent (Arrivals, Gizeh)
This too, this record came out a while back but we’re really getting into it more and more now and this track is an awesome development from Warp styled glitch ambience with enough of a post-rock schooled narrative thread to it that it reels you in and spins you way out.

Cold Cave – The Trees Grew Emotions And Died (Love Comes Close, Heartworm Press)
While we waited for our copy of their new industrial fuzz scarred album to arrive we played this in it’s stead. Happy twinkly summer pop with a Mancunian-grim edge. From LA, obvs.

Turbowolf – Do Me Wrong (Demo)
A real oldie pulled out the bag – Bristol’s Turbowolf, still one of the best underground, not quite signed to high enough a profile bands around. This track off their first demo pumps the keyboards in a glitzier way than their newer metallic edgier stuff and I think we might prefer it.

A Place To Bury Strangers – Deadbeat (Exploding Head, Mute)
Ultra amped and deadly sort of Link Wray riffed noise assault from Brooklyn’s pedal centric sonic terrorists. The album is finally out on general release and after a couple of months of constant listening to the promo we can tell you that this is one record you need in your life.

Power Up – Amazing NFR Jingle
Says what it is. Our first and favorite jingle.

Climax Golden Twins – Chinese (Eerie Fragrance Or Eyeless Fabrication Or Exclude Frank Or Eat Fuck Or Etc (Forever), Etude)
Fucking weird zen string collage of Eastern sounds. Not sure if we have the album title right. Not sure if this is right. But it’s damn nice.

Oneida – What’s Up Jackal (Rated O, Jagjaguwar)
One of the straighter jugular direct rock-roll around on the floor tracks from this megalithic triple psyche out from another of Broooklyn’s most exciting groups.

Masks – Fang (Demo)
Brighton band’s thumping linear beat intro to an interesting demo. We like simple and aggressive, and although this has pretty guitars woven over the top of it, it’s the mean, bare boned beat that stamps along the spine of it that does it for us.

Ducktails – Beach Point Pleasant (Ducktails, Not Not Fun)
We love the couple that stayed sitting and half-reading half-listening to this. We know they were absorbed in the tropical skunk wobble because as soon as it finished they upped and left. Whoever you were, we love you.

Gold Panda – Lonely Owl (Before, Self-Released)
Less of an ep more of a micro album; the songs are such short multi electronica idea flecked skits that it’s hard to register what’s really going on. Which is why we’ll be playing more of this at future nights.

Volcano Choir – Dote (Unmap, Jagjaguwar)
Justin Vernon’s not Bon Iver band have made a wintery warm record that has this fuzzy white out noise piece in the centre.

Monsters Build Mean Robots – Psalm 57 (Single, Nice Weather For Airstrikes)
New free downloadable single from MBMR that sits somewhere between Arcade Fire, Animal Collective and Sigur Ros. Happy music about sinister things.

Everyone To The Anderson – Harpoon Flesh Wound (Doodlebug Ep, Toy Soldier)
If there were a league of Brighton bands most memorable riffs, this nagging cyclical double punch that keeps rushing forward would probably take it. Awesome.

The Black Neck Band Of The Common Loon – In Memory Of Googie Withers (The Black Neck Band Of The Common Loon, Foolproof Projects)
Brighton based duo of Andy Pine of Medicine & Duty plus the enigmatically named Blue Pin holler and batter their way across free-rock-out-skronk of a kind that no one, really, no one else is doing.

Pissed Jeans – R-Rated Movie (King Of Jeans, Sub Pop)
Cerebral retards 3rd album is still going strong on us and looks likely to stay that way. We like to stay for the sex scenes.

Shield Your Eyes – Sound The Alarm (Oh No!, Toy Soldier/Holy Smokes)
In their words “Shield Your Eyes, Guns Or Knives, Darkrat, For Trucks, Tom Williams & Twat Trot Tra La! plus a drum roll stolen from gil scott heron, and no gaps!” Playing at the Hobgoblin with Illness & P for Persia on the 28th October – should be a great night.

Awesome Wells – NFR Jingle
Our English country garden jingle courtesy of our favourite local folk re-thinker.

Curly Hair – Oh Brother (Demo)
Sweetly played and darkly lyriced track from one cutesy little two piece who are fast gaining national notoriety. Stay tuned.

Demdike Stare – Haxan (Syboiosis, Modern Love)
Astral occultism channeled through ambient dub electronica via Turkish hookah smoke and Northern grimnity. Named after the last witch to have been burned in the Lancashire Pendle witch trials. Eerie.

Oneida – 10:30 At The Oasis (Rated O, Jagjaguwar)
More Oneida for you because it’s all so varied and fucked up we can barely stop ourselves from playing the whole 3 discs.

Kong – Blood Of A Dove (Snake Magnet, Brew)
Savage but tightly controlled always makes for the scariest kind of rage and this is what Kong do and this is what makes them so good. The album has all sorts of ingenious unexpected twists up it’s sleeves but tgis track is the one that really does it for us.

Pinkshinyultrablast – Honeybee (Happy Songs For Happy Zombies, Odd Box)
Russian shoegaze bands centre piece blow out from a pretty great ep. A lot of stuff like this from Russia at the moment, strangely.

Turbowolf – Ghost Hunt (Demo)
More T-Wolf because your ears deserve them.

Esben And The Witch – Marching Song (33, Self-Released)
One of Brighton’s most promising bands put out this free ep of brooding post-chamber-rock for you to download from their myspace site. One of the most asked after tracks of the night, so treat yourself and go get it from them.

Ecka Liena – Wing Footed (Orb Night, Phantom Channel)
Brighton based drone soldier’s euphoric meditation on a glockenspiel theme set to a heady immersive background of guitar texture. Stunning. We’re sorry you couldn’t quite fit in the full 20 minute Orb Night track itself.

Sunset Rubdown – Nightingale/December Song (Dragonslayer, Jagjaguwar)
Out of that into something else entirely – medieval themed indie pop from Canada that we could barely do justice to with mere description. This is probably still our favourite song of the year.

Ash Borer – Drukne (Demo)
Transcendental Cascadian hypnotic trance Black Metal from California. Has a peaceful passage in the middle of it to calm things down and build up it’s energy for the second surge.

Sunno))), Pan Sonic & Alan Vega – Che (Che Ep, Blast First Petite)
The best track around at the moment to finish a night on – heavy waves of Sunn magic, Pan Sonic working textural manipulations with Alan Vega himself redoing the vocals to the Suicide original. Original indeed.

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