Thursday, 21 May 2009

We Need A Plan C!

This news just in: Plan B - R.I.P.

PlanB mag will publish it's final issue with next month's 5th year anniversary in June.

Here's the official statement:

'After a lot of deliberation, we've come to the decision that it is no longer financially possible for us to continue publishing Plan B. To do so in the current economic climate would involve us making cuts in staff, print quality, amount of content, and the size and/or frequency of the mag - and those are compromises we don't want to make, not least because we don't think they will, in the long term, benefit any of us. We're really proud of what we've done, and choose to end on a high note, while things are still relatively stable.'

Sad news indeed. There aren't enough magazines that are both accessible and obscure in every respect and Plan B did it with the music they covered and in their writing.
Now there is one less.


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