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NFR Setlist: 07th May 2009

here's our playlist from the other night's djs et at the Penthosue. After last month's cancellation we had a few too may tracks to be playing in one night and intimidated ourselves with sheer choice alone! So we started off with a bit of an apocaplyptic hour and brightened up after Crystal Fighters.

Meatbreak's cuts >>>

Black Math Horseman – Bird Of All Faiths And None - Bell From Madrone (Wyllt, Tee Pee-Undergroove)
Enigmatic, allusionary name – super convoluted heavy-metal-prog-core

Bong – Exhalation (Bong / Quttinirpaaq Split 12”, Blackest Rainbow)
Sitar and choral chanting accompanied heady doom drone

Quttinirpaaq - Tonight We Will Pretend We Are Human Beings (Bong / Quttinirpaaq Split 12”, Blackest Rainbow)
Foggy blown out clouds of bass with electronics flickering somewhere deep within the midst

Lamp – 1 Means 2 (Demo)
Fleshed out electric incarnation of Brighton’s acoustic duo –A+M amp up their heaviest track into towards a more Slint-like sounds coming out at an almost black metal sounding menace.

Night Control – Those Girls (Death Control, Kill Shaman)
Ariel Pink style 60’s nostalgia crossed with even more tape decay and lens flare

Knyfe Hyts - Screming Lov (7”, Dick Move)
10 vital minutes of churning head-down propulsion and occasional reverb/delay blurred vocals

Caina – To Pick The Night Up By It’s Skin (Caina Ep, Bubonic/Universal Tongue)
Sussex based one man black metal visionary combining atmosphere, melody, rhythm and irony

Old Mayor – Bag Of Cats (Old Mayor Ep, Paradigms)
Long-awaited debut label release for Brighton’s doom duo Old Mayor. Seriously potent swinging heaviness – full review coming soon!

Crystal Fighters – Xtatic Truth (Demo)
Arrestingly addictive Spanish accented sweaty electro future hit that’s about to crossover from under London’s arches into everyone’s lives.

Danananaykroyd - The Greater Than Symbol & The Hash (Hey Everyone!, Best Before)
<#. ??? Whole lotta fun screamo-indie-pop that’s going to soundtrack lots of people’s summers this year.

The Horrors – Sea Within A Sea (Primary Colours, XL)
This is another record that will be sound-tracking lots of summer. Lead track from an album that perfectly reproduces it’s influences in elegantly finished fashion. This one is a beautifully immersive rendition of Krautrock.

Turbowolf – Read & Write (7”, X-Taster)
We’ll be playing Turbowolf ‘til we die.

Thee Oh Shees – Ruby Go Home (Help, In The Red)
More 60’s nostalgia, this time in the form of floor shaking, foot-stomping garage rock from the hands of John Dwyer - the man that brought you Coachwhips, Pink & Brown, OCS and more!

A Mountain Of One – Ahead Of The Curve (Institute Of Joy, Mountain)
Balearic prog trance. I tried to think of a better way to describe this, but it’s the best I can do - you just have to hear it to believe it.

Wormsblood – Sig Bind (Mastery Of Creation, Barbarian)
Two-piece lo-fi Black Metal blow-out. And when we say BM is lo-fi you know that means trouble!

Crystal Dragon – ‘Untitled’ (Demo)
From one member of Wormsblood, a buoyant passage of ambient drone to sooth the paranoia and terror of his other outfit.

Future Of The Left – You Need Satan More Than He Needs You (Travels With Myself And Another, 4AD)
I didn’t realise how much this sounded like Rage
Against The Machine until I played it here. In a good way though. "It doesn’t smell like a man! It doesn't fuck like a man"

Team Teamwork – MF Doom – Vomit (Horse Race At Lon Lon Ranch)
TT redo Hip-Hop tracks by setting them against music from Legend OF Zelda. Inspired.

Durrty Goodz – Grime Killers (Ultrasound, Awkward Music)
It’s not the teachers its…Killers! Durrty’s whip-sting-sharp on this huge elastic dancefloor filling grime track.

Spacenoid - Copter (Demo)
Lo-Fi electronics glitch-bliss navigate a sea of guitar textures.

Pangea – Bear Witness (12”, Hotflush)
Velvet-cushioned class with an eerie backdrop of huge bass to keep it dark

Burial & Four Tet – Wolf Cub (Wolf 12”, Text)
The first of upcoming collabs. For Burial, this is a trippy crawl through a sprawling ambient space, equal parts ecstasy and claustrophobia.

Elks – German Lessons (Oh No!, Toy Soldier/Holy Smokes)
Brighton based left-field hard edged Americana band keep it short, sharp and directed at all your essential organs.

Hind Ear – Coconut (Demo)
Demo of the month? If we did this would probably do. Reinvigorated Revenge of Shinobi bring out their best Black Dice and roll double sixes.

Action Beat – Bianca (The Noise Band From Bletchley, Southern)
Bianca Bibiloni adds a rare dose of words to the dense rhythms and landslide guitars of AB.

Bombay Bicycle Club – Ghost (How We Are 7”, Mmmm…)
These have been bubbling under as ‘ones to watch’ or some industry variant of ‘should be massive soon’. Listened to the forthcoming comp of their shimmery heat-wave indie about 10 times and I’m still not sure. So, compelling if nothing else

Night Control – Two Hard (Death Control, Kill Shaman)
Ultra pretty exploding-heart inducing psych-pop blurred out for the overly sensitive.

Grasscut – Muppet (Demo)
Brighton two-piece playing with laptops, synths and samples. Classic sensibilities meet the un-sensible non-sensical.

Baikonour – Ye Ama Piooo (Your Ear Knows Future, Melodic)
Another sublimely detailed Krautrock homage that layers on the head-nodding impulses until it flies right off.

Cobalt – Two Thumbed Fist (Gin, Profound Lore)
IN. YOUR. FACE! For 9 minutes. When even the Polish bouncers say ‘Fuck…ing…hell’ afterwards, you know it’s been intense.

Until next month, we’ve been NFR. Over and out.


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