Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Stoned In The Throne Room

Brighton's Dopefight are a blend of Bongzilla, Electric Wizard, Sleep, a bit of Iron Monkey and a whole bag of skunk. If that's sounds like a bit of a cliched description then this band suck it up and blow it right back in your face. The edge to this band is a healthy dose of none other than the dark goat, Satan himself. The four tracks on their myspace feature smoked out billowing bass fronted riffing set at stoned tempos, aggressive nicely guttural vocals and Satanic chanting. Hijos De Fumar mixes these up to especially potent effect and is rightly their lead track, displaying the full range of styles inherent to the genre and showing why it isn’t necessary to be trying anything too different to really hit the right tone and groove. Highlights from the other tracks include the drop out and restart in The Thrall that makes the stomach lurch; the fear-inducing, hellishly weird, not quite vocodered, distorted vocal of Somnia; and the changes in tempo of the 2 minute long Widow Smoke that get a bit frisky and flesh out their range nicely.

Brighton has produced some great downtempo sludge of late - Sloath, Old Mayor, S.E.P - and Dopefight are a worthy addition to the burgeoning bass scene. Awesome artwork too:

Their debut 7" is out on Corruption Recordings soon. Hit ‘em up:


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