Monday, 10 October 2011

LAST.FM: un sujet de conversation listening stats. It's been a while.


01. Zola Jesus - 63
02. Lanterns On The Lake - 45
03. The Field - 32
04. Death In Vegas - 31
05. St. Vincent - 22
06. Twin Sister - 20
07. Youth Lagoon - 16
08. A Winged Victory for the Sullen - 15
09. The Rosebuds - 12
09. Jacqueline Wilson - 12

1 – Can't stop listening to Conatus. Amazing. Well worth holding out on Witch House for this to arrive. What? Yes it is. IT SURROUNDS EVERYTHING.

2 – They were good at End of the Road and the album is pretty enjoyable too. Nothing spectacular though but easy to throw on when I'm not paying attention, hence the plays.\

3 – Impossible to ignore this when it's on, just sucks you in and zones you out. Psychedelic Swedish techno via Kompakt. The title track is unbelievable.

4 – Who knew they had a new album? Not me Now I do. It's no Contino Sessions.

5 – Strange Mercy has a couple of great tracks – Northern Lights especially – but it's not that great. Not as good as the EMA album.

6 – Booooooorrrrrriiiiiing.

7 – Baroque, dreamy melancholic reverb-washed pop solo artist. Another one? Yes. This one seems like a keeper.

8 – Going to be one of my albums of the year. So sensual. (incidentally, it's October – we have to get started on our AOTY about now don't we?)

9a – Loud Planes Fly Low released in June is still getting a lot of plays, which can only mean one thing; it;s very good.

9b – free audio book with the Guardian on Saturday. Syd wanted to listen to it while he ate dinner but it;s all about some mother and a cat dying. Not really much fun so he wanted to isten to Korn and Mastodon instead. Funny boy.

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