Wednesday, 31 March 2010

VIDEO: Yoga - Encante

I have been trying to find a video for Fourth Eye, but it doesn't exist - you can stream the full track on but that ain't he same as me posting it here. No matter, every track of Yoga's Megafauna album is incredible in its own way - Black Metal like you never heard it before; Chillwave to give you chills - GrimWave. The lack of clarity and focus, that half-lit, hypnagogic state is the same but its coming up from the earth instead of down from the clouds. When they gave it Record Of The Week Aquarius Records described it as "Tim Hecker or Philip Jeck, filtered through a grim black bedroom black metal aesthetic."

We simply describe it as ESSENTIAL.



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  1. wow this is awesome! Yoga is great! With me blogging on the light side of Chillwave and you doing the Grimwave stuff we have 2010 pretty much covered!