Thursday, 25 March 2010

Peaking Lights Video on Vice TV

Vice TV/VBS' new SOUND BUILDER series started last week with a video following Peaking Lights around on their tour. Amazing scenes from the band that made Imaginary Falcons, one of our Top 5 albums of 2009.

Visit the site over HERE, or just watch it here (but I did leave a nice and insightful response to a misguided commenter, which you'll obviously want to go and read):

Here's the Vice intro:

"We travel to Madison, Wisconsin to visit Peaking Lights, a married musical duo famed for their pulsating looped-rhythm tracks composed on re-purposed scraps, stereos, and lo-fi gear. We watch as husband and wife prepare for tour by paring their studio down to the bare essentials needed to produce Peaking Lights’ distinctive sound.
While we were hanging out, we got a peek into Aron’s completely untechnical, yet highly rigorous process of Frankensteining long forgotten consumer electronics. Using the most unassuming hunks of wood, metal, and plastic, Peaking Lights produce surprising and highly personal results."

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