Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Free Liars 'Scissor' Download

The first signs of the new Liars album 'Sisterworld' are starting to leak onto the web and it surely won't be long before the album itself makes it out there so make the most of the increasing tension, excitement and old fashioned pre-release fervour while you can. It's due out in March and they are giving away the opening track Scissor free on their website.


After starting with some eeire, dreamy delayed vocals about transient distance and journeying it doesn't take long before it smashes the sound barrier with a pretty rugged, rocking almost Metal riff that wrestles itself like its strait-jacketed. The distant dreamy quietness comes in, get's blown out again and then it ends. As an album opener it sounds as potent as Plastercasts of Everything - though if we're dodging any exitable hysteria we'd more honestly say we prefer Plastercasts. You can decide for yourself.

As you can see from the traclisting, there'es soem pretty gnarly, canckerous 'They Were Wrong...' kind of track titles.

1. "Scissor"

2. "No Barrier Fun"

3. "Here Comes All The People"

4. "Drip"

5. "Scarecrows On A Killer Slant"

6. "I Still Can See An Outside World"

7. "Proud Evolution"

8. "Drop Dead"

9. "The Overachievers"

10. "Goodnight Everything"

11. "Too Much, Too Much"

Sounds pretty killer to us. Looking forward to it.

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  1. Thanks for this heads up Liars. I'm also from Brighton, so I'll try and head over to your monthly sets at The Freebutt.

    We have our monthly parties on the first Weds of the month over at the Jam venue, so perhaps come on down?


  2. Quick question - where that quote from at the top right of your blog?

    Many thanks

  3. Hey Mike, thanks for the comments. Our regular NFR nights are on hold at the moment actually - other events are taking over my life a bit too much to devote proper time (is the mid-length reason!). Will try and make it over to your gig one time. I read your blog already actually, some good stuff. I see you mentioned Washed Out the other day. I love that tape, it's the kind of nostalgia rejig I can dig.

    Which quote do you mean? this one?: "...there is no underground anymore; its all cyberspace"

    It's mine, all mine! I'll take your quetsion as a compliment thanks. *blush*

    laterz steez.