Monday, 14 September 2009

Horse Gives Birth To Fly

French skuzz-rock, feral-noise street-filth outfit Horse Gives Birth To Fly release their new self-release untitled CDr this month and you are about to rush off to their MySpace and order it from them as soon as you spit your guts over this sweet mp3 and digest it up into your tracts and cerebellum.

The riff in this is fully tanked and fizzing it's way home under the phospohorescents. That's what they said about Burial, but that would be unrealistically romantic, no one floats home on an icy amber cloud after a night out, they come in kicking the door off it's hinges and wailing out the last track they heard that they could string a semi-sensible-serenade out of, hammering and hollering 'til they've rung all the good time left in them out of them and they pass out through toxic shock.

This is it.

This is what the door coming off the hinges sounds like when the melody kicks in; this is the chemical taking over from the biological, the sounds of cells exploding with alien fluid and rupturing their walls across synapse and neuron.


DOWNLOAD: Horse Gives Birth To Fly - Rubbish Drunk On The Sand ('Untitled', Self-Released)



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