Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Behold! the Monolith

This is a kind of random band for us to pick up and throw at you, but there's one song in particular we had to share because it just made us so very happy. So here it. and here they, are;

Behold! the Monolith are a 3-piece LA based fusion-metal band centering around some kind of stoner/sludge/doom axis, but they have a lot of other elements to them which sets them apart from bands like Mammatus, Bloody Panda or Rye Wolves. At first I thought this would be another Colin Marston project (he of Behold...The Arctopus and Krallice), but it's not. It's a whole new group of three guys who have self released their album on their own Arctic Forest Collective imprint (I think...there's next to nothing on the web for it).

Most of the song titles are ridiculous. Battle For Balls Deep? Oh dear. But what;s inside them is unarguably awesome. The first part of Phantasmanta/Waking Life is slow, spacious loping ode to Dopethrone-era Electric Wizard, before it doubles up in tone and volume for the second half's fast and feral hardcore dirt that takes it out and dusts it up AmRep style. But that's not what we came to freak out about. This is:

Guardians of the Abyss/Primal Extenuation/Rise of the Brohemoth

A supermassive triple segmented leviathan of a track that finishes at over 12 minutes. At 8:30 this made me laugh with joy. You will too, I guarantee it. You can feel it coming at 8:25 and all it needs is that 4 second swell of anticipation for you to position your head and neck just right because you know you're going to need to get ready for one almighty slam. The previous 8 minutes of intense build up notwithstanding.

DOWNLOAD: Behold! the Monolith - Guardians of the Abyss/Primal Extenuation/Rise of the Brohemoth (Arctic Forest Collective)


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