Friday, 17 April 2009

Lukki Shift Recordings Promo Mix

I have just discovered a dubstep label I never heard of before.

Shift Recordings is based in Seattle and has a fiercly dirty, catastrophically noisy, dense, hard and heavy dynamic. An awesome discovery. Headman Lukki has put together a mix showcasing the labels roster and some forthcoming releases.

From the Neka blog:

From the cloudy, wet Seattle headquarters of Shift Recordings, Lukki brings you 28 of his favorite tracks- all from the Label’s roster of forthcoming and released material (many on both 12″ and digital formats) Spanning a wide variety of emerging and established Dubstep Artists’ and styles, this mix is a small but fierce representation of the heavy discography of the Emerald City’s quickly rising Dubstep force, Shift Recordings.

This mix is proudly presented and only available in high quality 320kbps bit rate, because your ears deserve it.

320kbps - 28 Tracks - 1 hour, 18 minutes

Download: Lukki Shift Recordings Promo Mix (2009 Shift Recordings)


Fused Forces - “Soundbwoy Murder” [SHIFT DIGI 008]
Tryptomatik - “Dubplate Badman [SHIFT DIGI 005]
TrillBass - “Fucking Heater VIP” [SHIFT Dub]
Physical - “Mario Dub” [SHIFT 005 Dub]
Suspect - “Skank Out” [SHIFT 004 Dub]
Ale Fillman & MK2 - “Break Them” [SHIFT DIGI Dub]
Fragile - “Unabomber” [SHIFT 003]
Deadly Habit - “Pusherman” [SHIFT 004 Dub]
MK2 - “Body Jackerz” [SHIFT DIGI 008]
Cease - “Upper Left Side” [SHIFT001]
SelfSimilar - “1st Degree VIP” [SHIFT DIGI 008]
Richie August - “Smash Dat” [SHIFT DIGI Dub]
Conscious Pilot - “Hash N Hydro (TRiLLBASS VIP)” [SHIFT/ DUB ALLIANCE Dub]
Audiowright - “XXX” [SHIFT DIGI Dub]
Dubtek - “Furnace” [SHIFT DIGI 008]
Kelly Dean - “Hard Hat” [SHIFT DIGI 008]
SelfSimilar - “Rise VIP” [SHIFT Dub]
Fragile & Chi - “Mammon” [SHIFT DIGI Dub]
Dubtek - “Rampant” [SHIFT DIGI 007]
Lukki - “16 Switches” [SHIFT DIGI 006]
Ale Fillman - “Nightmare” [SHIFT DIGI 006]
Flux Pavilion - “Show Off” [SHIFT 006]
Triage - “Datashrapnel” [SHIFT DIGI 005]
Tizzer & Press - “Solitude” [SHIFT DIGI 006]
KJ Sawka - “Subconnectors (Press & SelfSimilar RMX)” [SHIFT DIGI 002]
Ceeker & haDJi - “Straylight” [SHIFT DIGI Dub]
Dubtek - “Western Sensimilla [SHIFT DIGI 007]
Audiowright - “FUYS” [SHIFT 004 Dub]

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