Friday, 3 April 2009

INTERVIEW: What the buck?! Revenge of Shinobi change name to Hind Ear!

Following their seemingly mysterious disappearence after their Black Dice support slot, NFR favourites Revenge of Shinobi have remerged with a set of new songs a new name - Hind Ear.

The two songs on their MySpace show a definite progression from the sound of the Shinobi years. In Origami the allusions to shivery post-euphoric comedown sensations still set the band apart in tone and atmosphere; The liquid propulsion of the beat in Coconut a trancy heart that erupts into distorted shards of feral thumping by the end, picking up the cues from all kinds of noisy influences and beautifying them into a more graceful, streamlined form. Both are exciting evolutions of the former sound.

Fresh off the back of their gig at London's White Heat on Wedensday with pop hardcore upstarts Pulled Apart By Horses, we caught up with Seb and Craig to ask their collective mind a few Q's about their plans for dominating the bliss-tempoed post-rock scene.

NFR - Why the new name, whose idea was it and what does it mean?

S&C: We wanted to change it. The other one didn't fit. We wanted something that wasn't an obvious, direct reference to anything, apart from the word 'Hind' and the word 'Ear'

- What does the name change represent?

Not sure.

- Origami is a re-recording of Organ isn't it?

No, it's a cover of a Revenge of Shinobi song

- Is there going to be a new sound emerging with it?

We're doing what we used to do, but better, with more focus.

- You are playing with some pretty different bands - Pulled Apart By Horses are pretty hardcore (the sound, that is) whereas Volcano! and Mi Ami are more heavily rhythm & effects kind of outfits. Do you prefer playing with bands in a similar sound to you (like the Black Dice gig...kind of - their sound is everywhere though!)

It doesn't really matter about the band, although of course it's always good to play with nice people who have a similar outlook to making music as us. Black Dice are one of our favourite bands in the world, their live show is beyond belief, so playing that kind of show is obviously a great thing. It's more about the audience. If they are appreciative of what we are trying to do then that's be the main thing. Playing with bands who have a similar approach to making music does bring that sort of audience.

- How do you think you're going to go down at those gigs and how are you all looking forward to them?

We're very excited, particularly the Mi Ami show. We're big Black Eyes fans, so for that reason excitement is rife.

- Are their many more gigs on the horizon?

Yes, we've got some really exiting shows coming up. We're presently in talks about the Michael Jackson support slot. 50 shows x standard £50 support band fee = £2500! We'll be coining it in.

- And finally, and most importantly - does all this - new manager, new name, new gigs, mean that a release is finally on the horizon? (is it by Toy Soldier - did I see that listed already?) do you have a date for it, or any tracks that you know will be on it?

No, but hopefully soon. We've been working on a bunch of recordings that are sounding really strong, and our aim is for them to be released in some form or other. But again, we are in talks with Mr Jackson apropos a double A side. Coconut on one side, Dirty Diana on the flip. Or maybe it could be 'You Rock my World', I love Rodney Jerkins.


They are taking the reinvigorated Hind Ear out on a number gigs over the next few weeks so you can get to see them here: Brighton:

5th April @ The Freebutt with Volcano!
29th April @ The Freebutt with Themselves and Jacob’s Stories London:

10th April @ The Lexington with Mi Ami.
30th April @ Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen with Young Knives, Django Django and Hook & the Twin


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