Monday, 28 November 2011

DOWNLOAD: Sea Bastard - Great Barrier Riff

Brighton four-piece granite-dense combo Sea Bastard lay down their debut demo, and it flat out destroys from end to end.  Formed from the ashes of two of Brighton's heaviest joints, Jovian and Funeral Hag, this reformed entity enhances each of their own pure elements of doom and groove respectively, through three tracks of monolithic pace-changing guttural demoncy, in the vein and through the timeline of Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard and on.  The vocals are sick - the higher-registered raspy nasty spiteful snarl in opener Aqua Vitae drops to a gut deep rumble in Taedium. The guitar riffs peal out of their bottom end up into squealing flourishes of solo squall - or in reverse; the epically held feedback swollen tone in Aqua Vitae morphs into a chugging buzzsaw riff that shoots bolts of lightning from it's peaks.  Not just beholden to moments, the lengthy tracks allow plenty of space for offering up a relentless procession of awesome shapes, not least the shift in the aforementioned Taedium which has a sinister groove that lifts the momentum but allows not a shard of light into the bleakness.  The half hour of torrential riffing is pinned to the floor by oppressively weighted drumming and peripheral synapse flooding bass from wall to wall.

In its rough recorded demo form there's every subterranean element you could want, but if this were to be given a thorough studio makeover it would have you gargling blood in awe.

Download for Name Your Price from their BANDCAMP and catch them playing live with Northern 'caveman battle doom' combo Conan Saturday 21 January, at the Cowley Club with Pus and Dead Existence.

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