Friday, 19 February 2010


I have a new band. It is made of me and Chris. At the moment we are called:


This may not be permanent, but it will do for now until we think of anything better. if there is anything better. I like that it is a bit silly, suggests we’re not taking ourselves too seriously, and I like the subversion of the bands within it, and I like how it looks. It suits the music too.

I made us a

Too much punctuation in our name for a tidy url!

1st studio rehearsal captured on tape and thrown up online for listening/dnlding. In the interests of disclosure I should mention that it’s long, takes about a minute or more to warm up but we know where we’re taking it so when it hits the zone it’s lucid. It also features the sounds of seals. Fans of over the counter prescribed radio friendly unit shifting hashtag bumping gloss pop need not apply. But they should.

Click here to bury your ears in some swirly psychedelic murkage>>>

Fur is history. This year will be all about feathers.....


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